Free Sexual Health Seminars: Learn More


As part of our overall community awareness campaign, the doctors at La Jolla Centre for Sexual Health periodically hold public seminars covering a wide range of topics relating to sexual health and function for both men and women.

These seminars are usually only available for existing patients of our practice. If you want to see improvement in your overall sexual health, or are just curious about the topic in general, this is a great opportunity to learn more in a discreet and friendly surrounding. These seminars always include a short Q&A session and the chance to speak with our doctors one-on-one.

Because of the unique nature of these seminars, space is limited and they fill up quickly. To reserve a space in an upcoming seminar, simply call (858) 245-9322 and explain you’d like to reserve a spot. If you wish to let your fingers do it, just click the date you’re interested in and lock in your spot by following the easy RSVP steps. In a day or two you will receive an email confirming your attendance.

Sexual Health education is important. These seminars represent a unique opportunity to become better educated in a fun and professional environment where real information is given by real doctors.

Upcoming Seminars for 2012:

Check back for updates soon!